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About Us

Seth spent his first six years living in a house tucked between two dairy farms outside of Ithaca, New York. From his window he watched the tractors and farmers. He knew at an early age that he wanted to learn more about farming. After volunteering on an organic farm in high school, he choose to study sustainable agriculture at Sterling College in Northern Vermont. He had a goat, learned to handle a chainsaw properly, and skied the big open fields. After graduation, he became a staff member of the Visiting Students Program at Hawthorne Valley Farm in Harlemville, NY, helping to run a weekly programs for Waldorf schools that came to the farm. There he also gained tractor knowledge, helped in the dairy barn and started a firewood program. 

Sarah grew up in the Bay Area. As a teenager, she woke up early to shop with her mother at the farmers' market. She started helping her mother cook meals and by senior year she took over the job. In college at UC Berkeley, she volunteered at the Edible Schoolyard and worked at the Ferry Plaza Farmers' Market. After graduation, she worked for 2 years as a line cook at restaurants in Los Angeles and New York. She loved the intensity of the kitchen and the skills she gained, but disliked the late shifts and being inside all day. On a whim, she decided to work for a summer as a camp counselor at the farm camp at Hawthorne Valley Farm. While there, she fell in love with farming and with Seth. 

For 3 years after Hawthorne Valley, Seth and Sarah were fortunate to work on several small organic farms throughout New England and to learn about farming from accomplished mentors. First they traveled to Maine to intern at 2 diversified market farms, using draft power and raising sheep, pigs, and chickens along with vegetables. Next Seth apprenticed at Temple Wilton Community Farm in New Hampshire, a year round biodynamic CSA, while Sarah worked at the Intervale Community Farm in Vermont, a large CSA with on farm pick up. During the winter, Seth groomed cross country ski trails and Sarah milked cows at two different farmstead cheese dairies. The next season they returned to Maine where Sarah worked in the garden at Avena Botanicals, growing medicinal herbs while Seth began to hone his carpentry skills.

in 2005, they married and settled in New Hampshire to look for their own farm and to start a family. Their bicoastal farm search started in the East but eventually they moved West. While they were searching Seth continued to work as a carpenter for several years, gaining invaluable building knowledge. He started and managed a CSA in Half Moon Bay for 3 years. Sarah ran the home front, including the children: Margrethe born in 2006, Oliver born in 2009, and Teddy born in 2012. The kids are full of energy and eager to help on the farm but like to cause trouble as well!

Our Team

We are fortunate to have skilled and thoughtful employees that make it possible for the farm to run. Without the farm would not be possible and it would be much less enjoyable!